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1915 State Route 256,
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About the Store…

Capital City Comics is one of the oldest comic book shops in the central Ohio area. Starting under the name British Paper Mill it was located inside the Scarborough Mall (currently a Honda dealership) in Columbus, Ohio. The Owner was Bill Kazlausky at that time. The British Paper Mill opened in 1991 and in the mid to late 90’s it had expanded to over 5 locations. Unfortunately over the next few years all but one of the stores fell victim to the 90’s comic boom fallout and closed. The main store in the Scarborough Mall stayed open. The Mall also fell on hard times, attendance and popularity went down for Scarborough, the mall closed down 2/3rd of the building. Only a hand full of stores managed to stay open. Us (The British Paper Mill), a 2nd run $1 theater (Cinema City), a used video game store (Video Trader), and a couple others. Eventually the mall closed for good in 2008. When the mall closed Bill sold the comic shop to his younger brother Tony Kazlausky, who in the past had helped Bill run the shop from time to time. Tony, now owner of the shop, moved it to Pickerington in the same strip with Marcus Cinemas to become…..Hollywood Comics? Yes, for a whole 2 months we were Hollywood Comics.

Hollywood Comics didn’t last very long as previously stated. Tony, and the shop, was forced to move after 2 months by a certain big chain book store in the same strip. The book store complained that we carried the same products and it was against the lease. Hollywood moved and again changed it’s name as it no longer had the movie theater crowd. Capital City Comics was born.

Tony opened Capital City Comics later in 2008 at our current location in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. The name Capital City came from Tony working for Capital City Distribution Center. A comic book distribution center that closed in 1995. The first few years were hard for us with 2 moves and 2 name changes, but we recovered and built back up due to our amazing customer base that we are so thankful for. In 2014 we even expanded, which doubled the size of the shop. Now we’ve been open 11 years and have over 700 comic boxes of inventory, new books every week, and collectible figures.

At the beginning of 2020 we’ll be moving to a new location! Stay tuned for updates.