Pull Account

Want to keep up to date on new comics? Afraid of missing issues? We can help with that. Sign up for a pull account with us!

Pulls receive a “Thank You” discount of 10, 15, or 20% off on most items in the store!

Rules of the Pulls:

  1. Have at least 5 titles.

  2. Pick up once a month.

  3. If you want us to mail books to you we will need a card on file and shipping will be charged by location. We can mail monthly or Bi-weekly

  4. For complete details on rules click HERE.


Sometimes comics and collectibles cost a pretty penny. We have a way to help you get what you really want! Layaway! It’s not a thing of the past or a Holiday Special here. We do have rules for it though.

Layaway Rules:

  1. 20% down payment due when put on hold.

  2. Has to be paid off in 90 days.

  3. If something happens or you stop making payments you will be refunded your money, but we have the right to keep 15% of the total cost of the layaway due to lost potential sales of items held (Cancellation Fee).

  4. Layaway items are not discounted.

Special Orders


We can Special Order and Reorder any Diamond Distribution Item as long as it it still available.

We strongly recommend you fill out a Previews Customer Order Form inside the Previews catalog magazine that comes out every month.

Ordering large items with a high dollar amount requires a 20% down payment.

Comic Pressing


We offer a dry mount press service. We just use heat and pressure to flatten out books. No water will be added to your book.

Pressing costs $12.99. Discounts for bringing in large quantities. Rush orders can negate discounts.